Morning Panel – Failcon Switzerland 2013
With Parekh, Selz, Moser, Fuelscher, Flury moderated by Dania.

Start-up founders Deep Parekh, Dorian Selz, Daniel Moser and Sebastien Flury all take to the stage together with the director of Business Angels Switzerland Jan Fuelscher and moderator Dania Gerhardt to discuss finance and failure and the personal points of views of investors and entrepreneurs when it comes to funding start-ups. Some points addressed are trust, transparency, smart money, “family, friends and fools” and how choosing to have an investor or not is a lifestyle choice. The candid comments made on how to go from a “garage” start-up to a successful entrepreneur are honest and insightful.

This talk was recorded and edited by Mark Melnykowycz (Idezo GmbH, Switzerland). Failcon Switzerland was held on April 16, 2013 at Theater Rigiblick in Zurich, Switzerland.