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Liam Boogar – Failcon Switzerland 2013

There are many types of failures in the world, and we often forget about Failure By Omission – the failure that we experience when we fail to express our doubts about a colleague, friend, or family member’s project, when we fail to press them to answer the tough questions early, and when we sit back watching them fail slowly, and don’t have the heart to tell them until the damage has been done. Mr Boogar, who runs a daily news site called The Rude Baguette, which has become the go-to tech blog for France, gives a humorous and candid talk that provides intricate details on how he has personally and vicariously experienced failure. His message: it is a founder’s job to take and in fact seek out criticism. And friends and family should not stand silently on the sidelines and watch the ship go down.

This talk was recorded and edited by Mark Melnykowycz (Idezo GmbH, Switzerland). Failcon Switzerland was held on April 16, 2013 at Theater Rigiblick in Zurich, Switzerland.