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Masterclass series:

  • Are you the founder of a start-up currently looking for seed funding (up to 1M CHF)?
  • Is your equity split correct and future proof?
  • How to avoid common and costly cofounder mistakes.
  • Would you like to grow your start-up faster?
  • What are the factors why the customer buys from one seller and not the other?
  • Do you want to improve your ability to convince people to buy your products / services?


If the answer to one of these questions is yes, you should join us for the upcoming Masterclass.

Cofounding masterclass

Join this masterclass to learn how to:

  • Find the right cofounders
  • Split the equity
  • Avoid common and costly cofounder mistakes

Jana Nevrlka

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Fundraising masterclass

Join this masterclass to learn how to:

  • Prepare for your next funding round
  • Identify the right investors
  • Create your investor target list

Barbara Fischer

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Sales masterclass

Join this masterclass to learn about:

• The wrong attitude about selling
• The biggest mistake in cold calling on the phone (& an effective trick to simplify it)
• We talk too much and to listen too little
• A NO doesn’t (necessarily) mean no
• The price is NOT crucial
• Open Circle (time for your questions)

Holger Elber

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Meet your instructors:

Jana Nevrlka

Dr.Iur, LL.M., MBA
Cofounding Strategist and Author

Jana is working with founders to build cofounding teams that last and perform. Legal and business strategy expert.

Barbara Fischer

Partner, Arena Ventures

Barbara is helping European start-ups with their pre-series A and series A funding rounds. Entrepreneur and technology expert.

Holger Ebel

Holger Ebel Training

Successful with personality & skills
Not only is it important that we do the right thing, but also that we do it right!


Barbara and Jana’s masterclass really helped me save time. They train you on the basics you need to know as an entrepreneur in regards to co-founding and fundraising. I would recommend this masterclass to all aspiring start-up founders and entrepreneurs looking for seed stage funding. Thanks, Barbara and Jana!

Sebastian Schirmer

CEO & Co-founder, Quiply

Two big take aways. Serendipity and self care! I love the aspect of Intuition and self love on the journey of going after your purpose a part of our vision is to support purpose driven individuals/teams to trust in themselves and to create a sustainable and loving lifestyle or services. I can only recommend this masterclass. Very refreshing to see how interactive they were with us participants plus, was nice to see those two rocking the room mostly filled with men! The Space for networking was offered and i can only say there are great ideas out there, people willing to meet the needs of today challenges in our society! Trust in your process🙏🏿❤️

RONEL Baumgartner

Founder, Nurture Delight

Having been actively involved in a range of co-founding scenarios, I have seen just how many pitfalls exist in this critical part of launching a new venture. Jana is the first expert to bring practical approaches to the challenges of co-founding a startup in Switzerland. Her course is a must for any entrepreneur, whether new or experienced, who wants to have better outcomes when co-founding a business with partners.

John Hucker

Builder specialised in FinTech ventures

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