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More sales by avoiding the biggest mistakes in selling!

In only 20% of all cases do the customers buy because of the price. In 80% of all cases, it is up to the seller, that he or she sells successfully.

• What are the factors why the customer buys from one seller and not the other?
• What makes a good seller different from a very good seller?
• Do you want to improve your ability to convince people to buy your products / services?

In the Holger Ebel sales masterclass you get practical insights how to improve your sales skills and to become a more convincing business partner.

24th of July in German  |  31st of July in English

Location: Office Lab Wollishofen (3 min walk from SBB Wollishofen)
Seestrasse 356 (4th floor), 8038 Zürich

18:00 Arrival and networking
18:30 More sales by avoiding the biggest mistakes
19:30 Break and refreshments
20:00 Continuation + Open Circle
21:00 Closing and networking

Price: CHF 214,- (including special offer)

Max 25 participants. Secure your spot

Holger Ebel


Holger Ebel Training

Successful with personality & skills
Not only is it important that we do the right thing, but also that we
do it right!

Masterclass content:

• The wrong attitude about selling
• The biggest mistake in cold calling on the phone (& an effective trick to simplify it)
• We talk too much and to listen too little
• A NO doesn’t (necessarily) mean no
• The price is NOT crucial
• Open Circle (time for your questions)

You will get ideas about:

• Selling is a question of interpersonal skills (mind-set)
• Why cold calls are an effective way to get in touch with decision maker
• Show your competence with qualified questions
• How to deal with objections and resistance
• The price has to be right – not low
• How cool selling can be

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